Terms and Conditions

What you should know,


what you should ask!

1. You own your domain and can transfer to a new provider without any additional cost on the condition that all outstanding payments are up to date.

3. There is an annual domain renewal fee of R150 for every 12 months. (Saving of up to R150.00 for local domains per year annual fee – co.za and .com) – Our complete website package include this fee in the yearly and monthly packages. That’s right: You don’t pay this!

4. There is no monthly hidden cost, except when:

a) You require additional art-work or logo design that the MySimpleWebsite helpdesk cannot assist with, and we must outsource to a third party. (you can also request to do the art-work yourself)

b) You requested special design that require additional resources that we cannot offer you.

5. You don’t own the software or website, but you do own the information. (You don’t pay for design fees)

6. We terminate your service if no renewal contact was received after 12 months of your last activation.

7. We will assist any client with specialized or costumed website files, (other than what we offer), free of charge where our helpdesk are able to assist. This include simple content changes where possible.

8. All our products include a blog with email facility to subscribers and do not support “spamming” from our servers.